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  • We Are Hiring Radiologist, ENT Specialist, and Paediatrician.

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Nazeer Hospital

Dental Care With The Latest Technologies Complete Dental Care Facility Intensive Care Unit Care Unit Equipped With High-Tech Specialised Facilities Self-Contained Intensive Radiology Diagnostic Center Diagnostic Center With Advanced Technology State Of The Art Radiology Medical Procedures and Diagnostics Procedures & Diagnostics Pakistan's Leading Medical Fully Equipped and Functional Laboratory Laboratory Diagnostic Center Fully Equipped And Functional Highly Skilled and Experienced Professionals Professionals Highly Skilled And Experienced
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Nazeer Hospital - The Best Hospital in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Nazeer Hospital is the best Hospital in Rawalpindi and also the most affordable hospital in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. If you are looking for medical care with international standards and state of the art facilities, look no further, as Nazeer Hospital has quickly made its name in the list of the top hospitals in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. With the vision to serve the people of twin cities, Nazeer Hospital has made it its mission to get top specialists on board. While focusing on the ethical and moral responsibility as medical care providers, we at Nazeer Hospital have incorporated the latest medical technology and critical care facilities so that you can get the right care at the right place! Nazeer Hospital is one of the few Hospitals in Rawalpindi that has Radiology Diagnostics and Lab Diagnostics in-house, which creates convenience for patients to find complete medical services within the Hospital.

The Best Hospital in Rawalpindi & Islamabad
Committed to Providing Everyone with Equal and Affordable Access to Healthcare

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Nazeer Hospital is now providing Healthcare to the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and has become one of the best hospitals in Islamabad. Here is a glimpse of its state of the Art healthcare units, machinery, and facilities.




What Our Clients Say

Review of Male Patient

Zakriya Ghazali

Brought my mother to Nazeer Hospital recently for a routine checkup. I was pleasantly surprised by the environment they were able to establish. Very well-mannered staff and a very nice waiting area for me to stay in, while my mother got checked up. 10/10 would recommend
Review of Female Patient

Kemal Mahtab

Dr Nazeer has always been an absolute pleasure to consult with. We have been to Dr Nazeer a couple of times because of a bad case in spinal problems with my parents due to an old accident. The doctor has always been attentive and has helped us out a lot during difficult times. I would recommend Dr Nazeer to anyone looking for a good Neurologist.
Review of Female Patient

Humaima Babar

Being a mother of two, I can assure you that the paediatrics department at Nazeer Hospital is amongst the best you can get in the field. I have been going to them since the birth of my first child and have always been satisfied with their services.


Our Doctors

Dr Nazeer Ahmed Qureshi

Dr Nazeer Ahmed Qureshi is amongst the top-rated NeuroSurgeon in the country and has worked tirelessly for over 39 years in the field to claim the spot at the top. With a plethora of technical knowledge gathered and polished during pursuit of their MBBS and FCPS, He has accomplished constantly in his extensive career.
With remarkable success rates with patients and a very high level of patient satisfaction, Dr Nazeer has been considered one of the best when it comes to complex medical procedures like Brain & Spine Tumors, Cerebral Herniation, Epilepsy Treatment, Headache and backache treatment, Microscopic & Endoscopic Minimally Invasive Surgery, Migraine Treatment, Neuro Rehabilitation and Spinal Cord Injuries.

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    You can book an appointment via the phone number (051 8742883) as well as by filling out the “book an appointment” form present on the website.
    All emergency admissions are routed through the ER, with an On Duty Medical Officer providing the patient with initial treatments and referral to the concerned specialist. If the emergency patient is in an unstable condition, they would be provided with initial treatment in the ER ASAP and will only be transferred out of ER after a stable state is attained.

    The following are the rights of patients/attendees promised by Nazeer Hospital,

    1. Safety, well-being, and health.
    2. Special arrangements for the elderly and disabled.
    3. Confidentiality of personal information.
    4. To be provided with all details regarding the condition of the patient when asked for.
    5. Full transparency during medical procedures.
    6. Access to their medical files whenever demanded.
    7. To be provided medical treatment unconditionally in the case of an emergency.
    8. Be treated with respect, empathy and dignity irrespective of age, disability, gender, race, religion, socio-economic status, cultural beliefs, colour, caste and/or creed.
    9. To be able to file a complaint if they were harmed or harassed by a staff member.
    10. In the case of an infant or female patient, a female staff member would always be present during an examination procedure or after surgery until a family member can join the patient.
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