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Brig. (R) Dr. Khalid Mehmood

Classified Surgical Specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon

Brig. (R) Dr. Khalid Mehmood

(MBBS, FCPS, Professor of Surgery)

  • Former Head of Surgical Department, CMH Rawalpindi
  • Classified Surgical Specialist Laparoscopic Surgeon

Brigadier (R) Dr. Khalid Mehmood embarked on his illustrious medical career by obtaining his MBBS degree, which laid the foundation for his deep commitment to medical science and surgery. Driven by a passion for excellence and a desire to advance his knowledge, he pursued and achieved the prestigious Fellowship of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS).

Dr. Khalid Mehmood’s professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the field of surgery, particularly in the military medical services. As a Classified Surgical Specialist and a Laparoscopic Surgeon, he has been at the forefront of surgical innovation and patient care. His expertise in laparoscopic surgery, a minimally invasive surgical technique, has earned him recognition and respect in the medical community.

His tenure as the Head of the Surgical Department at the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) in Rawalpindi was distinguished by his leadership and dedication to improving surgical practices and patient outcomes. In this role, Dr. Mehmood not only managed complex surgical cases but also mentored the next generation of surgeons, sharing his vast knowledge and experience.

As a Professor of Surgery, Dr. Mehmood has been instrumental in shaping the educational landscape for surgical trainees. His commitment to teaching and his ability to convey complex surgical concepts in an understandable manner have made him a revered figure among students and colleagues alike.

Throughout his career, Brigadier (R) Dr. Khalid Mehmood has contributed to numerous medical conferences and symposiums, presenting papers and sharing insights on advanced surgical techniques. His work has significantly impacted the standards of surgical care within the military medical services and beyond.

Dr. Mehmood’s legacy is characterized by his unwavering dedication to patient care, his innovative approach to surgery, and his role as an educator and mentor. His contributions have not only advanced the field of surgery but have also inspired countless medical professionals to strive for excellence in their practice.

Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Khalid Mehmood is known for his compassionate nature and his commitment to the well-being of his patients. His career reflects a blend of rigorous medical expertise and a deep sense of duty, both to his patients and to the medical community.

Brigadier (R) Dr. Khalid Mehmood’s exemplary career serves as an inspiration to many, embodying the values of dedication, innovation, and excellence in the field of surgery. His contributions continue to influence and elevate the standards of medical practice in Pakistan.

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